• Coal Miners Dreams

    Of Reptiles, Rock & Poetry
    Ukraine / Germany
    (Avantura Films: Development Production) more…

  • Cedric

    What does it take to be a hero? What does it take to forgive?
    5 different stories in times of Kosovo war. More…

  • Buildings

    Albania. A rough landscape. Buildings abandoned. But still, there is life.
    A short architectural documentary. More…

Avantura Films

Avantura Films is a small and flexibale film production company founded by producer Daniel Stark. Avantura develops and produces high quality films for cinema and creates story worlds for multi level transmedia communications.

int. co-productions

Avantura Films is based in Germany, focusing on international co-productions and on topics for a broad international audience. We are always searching for new partners, to challenge high quality projects. If you want to know more just contact us.


Avantura Films focuses on topics and filmmakers from eastern Europe and Russia, expanding its portfolio on the Balkan area and northern Europe. We also love to support debut filmmakers to create exciting films with extraordinary style and form.


Based in Germany Avantura Films has a broad network of professional partners, guaranteeing quality in every step of the production. As a co-production partner Avantura Films deals as well with partial production, such as post production or animation supervising.


Browse the film portfolio and read about our latest and finished projects. Trailer, stills and additional informations are added constantly. Want to know more? Just contact us.