Coal Miners Dreams

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Dobropolje, a former major coal mininf city in the east of Ukraine, wich is past it’s best. All decline and despair is not realized by the people. They still live the ideo of golden sovjet times, when coal mines were the pumping heart of the region and coal miners were hailed as heros.¬†Despite all outward dreariness and the lack of perspective we meet residents who are trying to cope woth their hard life with a lot of imagination. Alternating between bizarre details and defiant courage, the film shows people almost like heros. Only one young guy is trying to leave, to make his way as a heavy metal rock star.

Directors: Veronika Glasunowa
Lukasz Lakomy
Producers: Eva Blondiau – Executive Producer
(COLOR OF MAY - Imanov & Blondiau Filmproduktion GbR)
Daniel Stark – Development Producer
(Avantura Films)
Status: Financing